Afrotrap UK have given Shirazee’s ‘Iguana’ a serious reworking as they launch the remix exclusively via Link Up TV.

Integrating the heart and soul of Afrobeats with the contemporary sound of trap, Afrotrap UK opens the floodgates for the dance moves as this spicy number kicks in. Featuring UK homegrown act Icey Stanley who collaborates with French-born artist Mr Oulala and Cameroon native Le Pedro, the trio bring the melodies, flows and accents across the energetic instrumental, which is riddled with their eclectic sound and infectious hook.

With the Afro trap sub-genre making its stamp the world over, each country has adopted a different stylistic approach, and for Afrotrap UK, the Iguana remix is their unquestionable claim on the sound. Following releases such as ‘Tamba Tamba’, ‘Chese, Chese’ and the monumental Cameroon x Ivory Coast x Zimbabwe clash, Afrotrap UK have built a bounty of support and followers that will be hot on the heels of this latest offering.

Leading the UK movement for afro-trap, Afrotrap UK are re-defining the landscape of the genre by providing a splash of English sauce to the mix.

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Written by Ivor Moyo
CEO of