In a move that’s not too surprising, the Nelson Mandela Foundation in South Africa has moved that the Apartheid flag should be banned in the Republic of South Africa.

A symbol of the brutal and racist regime that plagued the African nation, the NMF argues that the flag should be banned on the basis of hate speech, unfair discrimination and harassment based on race, while also expressing that the flag is a semblance of everything South African stands for, and goes against the struggles the nation’s heroes had to overcome in their fight for freedom.

However, AfriForum, a lobby group, argues that the banning of the Apartheid flag would be unconstitutional and would violate freedom of expression laws, as there South Africans who view the flag as part of the countries history and not as a symbol for the injustices of the past and should be free to the flag without fear of backlash.

With a hearing in the nation’s Equality Court set, more details should emerge on whether the Apartheid flag will or will not be banned in South Africa. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below: