Have you been looking for how to expose the children in your life to the wonderful things about the mother continent? Well that is why we created Bino & Fino! It’s a family friendly cartoon show that teaches kids (and some of us adults!) about Africa. The show positively represents people of African heritage whilst being informative and fun.


Children are highly impressionable and the human brains learning capacity is the most between 0-6 years. Children’s media is one of the most powerful when it comes to shaping minds. So the fact that children across the world had no cartoon they could watch that genuinely taught them about Africa or represented the continent in a proper way was a worrying one.

The idea for the Bino & Fino cartoon series came about around 2007. The creator of the show, Adamu Waziri, realised that there was a massive lack of true African made children’s educational cartoon shows. In Nigeria at the time there were no indigenous cartoon shows that showed children a reflection of themselves. All the cartoon shows were imported and had no link to Africa in anyway.

There was a lack of support for indigenous children’s programming. This basically meant that the most populous Black Country in the world didn’t have a cartoon show that its children could watch that reflected them in any way no matter how small.