Cairo is fighting to preserve its old European-style buildings, statues and avenues, as governmental authorities look to build a new face for the desert capital.

While residents are fighting to preserve the cities global heritage in districts such as the one commonly known as Khedivial Cario. They are also expressing their concern and disappointment in the Egyptian government’s unwillingness to preserve this important part of the nation’s history. Kheddivial Cario is named after an Ottoman ruler named Khedive Ismail Pasha, who governed Egypt in the mid 19th century, and was inspired to transform the capital into a modern metropolis after a trip to Paris.

While others remain optimistic, residents and historians such as Ahmed El Bindari living in the district fear the heritage of the capital will be stripped away in the name of the development by the current government, stating that ” The main reason for the preservation of old buildings in areas such as Garden City and Zamalek is the presence of embassies there. If these embassies were transferred to the new administrative capital, what will be the fate of those buildings.”

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