Cameroon is the latest country to promote self-acceptance through fashion, unveiling a fashion for non-able bodied people titled Acess 2019.

The brainchild of a Cameroonian women’s empowerment organisation in the country’s capital of Yaoundé, this show, which is a first of its kind features 16 models living with disability but are proud to walk down the catwalk in garments made by local designers.

According to the WHO, an estimated 2 million Cameroonians live with a disability, therefore this show is a clear effort to break down the barriers that people with disability face every day in countries like Cameroon, and provides an opportunity to showcase the countries inclusivity, as well as the local designer talent.

Speaking on the show, Michelle Sojip, a physically challenged model said ” With all the barriers placed upon us by society, it’s not easy to feel like a woman. Access 2019 is an opportunity to show the world that you can live with disability but still look like every other woman. You can be beautiful and you can dream.”