It so used to be so hard to come across dope visuals in the Zimbabwean music scene but this year the artists and creatives are putting in double and triple shifts just to make their work look awesome. It’s now a matter of expecting crystal clear visuals everyone. But Cava isn’t just a music video, and it really caught our eye because of the groovy beat and lyrics, not forgetting the smooth swag which the video portrays of Zimbabwean street culture and art!

Apparently Cava means take a look/see its a slang widely used in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe borrowed from South Africa!

The awesome song and video CAVA is a collaboration of young Zimbabwean creatives who are trying their best to tell the Zimbabwean story. The masterpiece came to life because of Liberaxe who is a producer and beat maker ( I need to learn the difference but cool ) & Ulenni Okandlovu photographer/vocalist/emcee . The combination is topped off by some the visuals which were caught a young creative director Mitch Uta (super impressive eye guy!!) ! The video features & documents a new breed of young creatives including CaliGraph(graffiti & murals) SmartZhet (ghetto shoe cleaning service) Stereo Guru(music distributor) & many more creatives

The CAVA project is inspired by Zimbabwean street culture! It tells a tale through The lyrics & vocals and tries to capture & project the images of the distinct individuals & young creatives who are making the moves in the city!

It’s nothing new for Liberaxe who has produced some pretty awesome records before . Liberaxe has worked on a project called Basquiat, inspired by the notorious painter Jean Michel Basquiat. The project featured upcoming artists and zim Giants Tehn diamond and ASAPH.

Basquiat Link

Ulenni Okandlovu is currently working on a project called BantuSpaceship and other singles are currently in the works following up Cava, Which is also a single off Liberaxe’s upcoming project “MODE” which drops very soon.

Cava is Something you gotta watch if you’re a creative or a fan who loves fashion, photography and music!!! Check it out below and tell us what you think


Written by Kevin Mwenye
Journalist and media practitioner.