World renowned Founder, CEO & Artistic Director of Ajose Afrikan (a multiple performing arts company), Prince Odun Ogunlano is a versatile musician, composer, actor, drummer, caporeista, choreographer and dancer. With his many recent featured television & movie appearances (Birth of a Nation: The Nat Turner Film, The Originals, Constantine, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, etc.), Odun is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with within the field of entertainment as a teacher, artist, actor and performer. Along with the integration of African culture education in film & television, alongside in-school residency programs and musical performances, storytelling and costume designing, Odun quickly earned a reputation of delivering nothing short of the most electrifying performances, programs, clinics & workshops. Born in Miami, FL to the late great jazz singing Queen and Yoruba Priestess of Yemonja, Omialadora Ajamu & Yoruba Priest of Osun, Babalawo and performer extraordinaire, Olomide Ogunlano,


Odun, the 8th of 9 children, was born into a large family of musicians and performers. Under the guidance of their parents, the family was able to maintain their traditional ancestral customs and culture of their native ancestry, the Yoruba peoples of south-western Nigeria. Odun’s first major performance was at the tender age of 4, when he, along with his family’s band, ‘The African Connection’, opened up for international legend, Fela Kuti. Only 4 years later, Odun would undergo the biggest cultural rite of his life, where he was then initiated into the mysteries of the Yoruba deity, Obatala. “This is only the beginning!”, a statement that Odun echoes throughout the celebration of the attainment of his many goals and accomplishments. As a budding actor, Odun is excited to see what is in store for him. Much of his mission is to preserve African culture and traditions that inspire future generations of performing artists within the field of African drum, dance and visual arts. Focusing on arts education and developing integrated learning opportunities for teachers and students, Odun provides professional instruction and artistic support to numerous schools, arts organizations, dance & music artists and film & television companies throughout the United States and abroad.