A tribute to be paid to the late Leila Alaoui

The opening of the photo-exhibition “Sur les pas de Leila Alaoui”, following in the footsteps of Leila Alaoui”, will take place this October 5th at the gallery of Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca (Morocco).

This tribute is organized by the “Foundation Leila Alaoui” in cooperation with CCME (Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad), and the Foundation of Hassan II Mosque of Casablanca. During two weeks, the show will exhibit two projects by Leila Alaoui: “No Pasara” (Will Not Pass) and “Les Marocains ” (The Moroccans).

In fact, “No Pasara”, or literally, “will not pass” depicts the Moroccan Youth and their dreams to migrate to the other side of the Mediterranean. And the other project entitled “Les Marocains” is in the form of portraits of the faces of Morocco and its cultural diversities.

Coup de cœur

©Leila Alaoui

©Leila Alaoui

Leila Alaoui, as one can notice, put emphasis on details in her project “Les Marocains”. Through a mobile studio, on a black background, the portraits of the subjects have a particular charm. As the photographer did not miss any detail from their skin tones, their facial features, their hands, their eyes, the fabrics, the colours, sometimes their professions and every other detail that makes their identity.

Compared to her first project, “No Pasara” is slightly different. As the artist made use of different backgrounds to portray the longing and the strong desire of the young Moroccans for the migration to the greener side beyond the Mediterranean.

©Leila Alaoui

©Leila Alaoui


Born in Paris, on July 10, 1982, Leila Alaoui is a French –Moroccan photographer and video maker who studied Photography and Sociology in New York.

Leila Alaoui succumbed to her injuries after the terrorist attack of January 15, 2016 in Ougadougou, Burkina Fasso. At that time, she was working for Amnesty International on a documentary project on the violence against women.

The unfinished work was not her first. The artist worked for many NGOs working with sub-Saharan immigrants, and refugees. She also produced a documentary about African immigrants, depicting their journeys from their home countries in search for the Eldorado, listening to their sufferings, their regrets and their hopes, entitled Crossings.

©Leila Alaoui, Crossings

Homage to Leila Alaoui

Leila Alaoui

C/O Augustin Le Gall/Haytham

Many noticeable figures from different domains mourned the loss of such talent. Also, she was awarded by the King of the Kingdom of Morocco and by the French Ministry of Culture.

Additionally, her works have been exhibited in many countries: Morocco, France, China, Italy and other countries. Her works had made the front cover of many magazines such as New York Time and Vogue.

The footsteps of Leila Alaoui surely will not fade.

Written by Kaoutar Hrari
freelance translator, blogger and writer-to-be, member of Humans of Morocco, found of literature, languages, travels, adventures, addicted to fitness and sports, with a sharp ear for great music and a slight interest in Moroccan cookery.