Industrie Africa is the answer to all of our problems. For years I have struggled to find good quality, talented African fashion brands that were more than just wax print motifs. Everyone knows that there is more to African Fashion than just Ankara print designs which is what Industrie Africa is trying to show the world. Named the “Wikipedia of African Fashion” by VogueIndustrie Africa is a new digital showroom featuring African designers.  Once you have been featured on Vogue you are more than certified, after all, it is the ultimate fashion bible and every fashion lovers go to!

Nisha Kanabar and Georgia Bobley are hoping to change the world of African Fashion for the better with a new online platform that showcases the full breadth and depth of design on the continent. “The industry here is so fractured. People in Nigeria know little about what’s happening in Kenya or Mozambique, for example,” says Kanabar. “Our question was: How do we connect the dots between the different countries?” This is the website that is going to save all our problems. It is not only a place for normal people like me and you to discover new designers but also a place for African Designers from different countries to see what others are doing and to be able to scope out their competition or to see how they can attract consumers in different parts of the continent. I don’t know about you but my summer wardrobe is about to be 100/10 after this discovery.

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Not to be full of myself but I thought I knew a lot of African Designers/ Brands, I mean I write for Checkoutafrica so I have to know what I’m writing about, however, Industrie Africa has helped me to discover so many more – I knew Africans were amazingly talented but I didn’t know we were this GIFTED! Industrie Africa launched June of last year, it houses over 80 designers from over 24 countries across Africa, to put that into context Africa has 54 countries, some of which are small islands so that’s quite a lot.

It took the two founders one year to cover ground at all four corners of the continent and to bring us the brightest and best designers Africa has to offer. In case you haven’t already noticed I am a lover of all things African and Fashion, I am obsessed, so for me, this is a God Send and what the world needed in my opinion. I am constantly going on about how there are so many talented creatives and designers in Africa, at this point, people are probably already sick of me speaking about it to be quite honest but I will not stop until African Designers are put on the MAP and taken as seriously as western designers. Mark my words when I say African designers will dominate the second half of the 21st century. Do you know how revolutionary that will be? I cannot wait and this is where it all starts, these are not designers to play with!

“People often view African fashion as a trend that comes in waves and it’s so much more than that,” says Kanabar, who hopes the site will become a go-to destination for buyers, editors, and consumers alike. “We want to show that there’s a diversity of talent here that defies all expectations.”