In the past months Ishan ( who’s become a Zimbabwean favorite ) dropped a single and visuals for his outstanding chart topping single “Kure” which has made strides all over the continent featuring local artist, Ti Gonzi. The remix for the awesome record is finally out and it’s really a package full of surprises and talent.

In the original song Ishan spread the message that Zimbabweans (Africans) have made it through thick and thin coming a long way and in turn encouraging Africans( Zimbabweans )to embrace their roots in some catchy Shona lyrics.

This time the message is basically the same but Ishan has carried the torch and passed It on to some very influential Zimbabwean artists such as Killer T, Enzo Ishall and Dobba Don (no one saw this one coming!! ), tiGonzi killing it once again aswell . He also features MussaEffect Who’s musical fundamentals and lyrics are richly entrenched in the African culture and the beautiful and super talented FRYA who’s the only female feature on the track( she killed it to the say least ). The track is a ticking time bomb and an awesome production by Spirit Fingers.

The visuals for this masterclass were shot in Zimbabwe’s famous high density areas Mbare and Mufakose and it’s releasing so many emotional, artist setting and it is rich in urban culture through different settings and vixens who play their part in making them dope visuals for an awesome track. The man behind the camera being KMANE the director( huge shout out to you )

An Afro Pop feel topped off by urban Zimbabwean vibe infused with Zimdancehall, rnb, hip hop and the cultural vibe with an indie feel, it’s got all the right ingredients to win a lot of souls over. The chorus which is in Shona (a Zimbabwean language ) has become an anthem for many because it is so easy to grasp and catchy( meaning anyone from any part of the continent or world can sing along)

Zimbabweans are making strides in the music scene of late and this song considering the tough times in the country and in most parts of the continent carries so much weight in encouraging people not to give up. Credit to Ishan, Jungle Entertainment Ventures and KOSHA Management And the whole production team with corporates (Nyamafarma we see you) who helped in executing the project and putting together a team of influential artists from different genres to spread the message of hope and embracing africaness in this awesome remix. An African Hit in the making!!

The video is out now! Watch it below

Written by Kevin Mwenye
Journalist and media practitioner.