“For one to make an impact you have to be known in your country first so that you can make it internationally whether you like it or not, if your people don’t know you then it’s of no use to yourself and them. So I am working on a couple of projects that will see an expansion of my brand in Zimbabwe, and even in the rural areas.” – John Cole

John Cole is the President and Founder of the John Cole Group. He is a father and husband to a beautiful family and a guy who when you first meet you know you’re going to have a great time around, as he has a full personality.

On the 17th of December 2010, when John’s son Duncan was conceived. He made a promise to him on his first day on earth, and ever since then, Duncan has been John’s driving force for the many years that have marked John Cole as a dance brand in Zimbabwe.

It was great to speak to John, as he comes off as someone who is loyal, and I could tell that this has been the foundation that’s built his career and integrity. He shared, “I am super secretive and slightly paranoid, but that’s part of our business as business people I guess. Other than that, I am jolly, live by a code, and I enjoy life.”

I intently listened as he continued, “I love a good challenge, and it’s got me all pumped up when I do get one. When I encounter a bigger problem I sit back and watch TV usually a series or an anime which then unlocks my creative side, or I just dance with my kids, yes! My sons can dance like me; it’s an awesome feeling.”

John carried on with his story by saying, “My work has made a footprint in Zimbabwe which is a good thing. Other countries not as yet, expect Hong Kong, Manila, and the Philippines.”

Check out some of John’s recognitions below;


  • Zimbabwe Models Awards, 2015 – Best Choreographer.
  • Zimbabwe Models Awards, 2016 – Best Choreographer.
  • Zimbabwe Hip-hop Awards, 2016 – Best Dancer.

Collaboration Awards

  • Zimbabwe Youth Achievers Awards, 2016 | Video of The Year by Ammara Brown & Tytan The One – Choreographer.
  • Zimbabwe Models Awards, 2016 | Best Pageant by Miss Tourism – Choreographer.
  • Zimbabwe Models Awards, 2016 | Best Entertainment by ZTA – Choreographer.
  • National Merit Awards, 2015 | Video of The Year by Sabastian Magacha – Choreographer.
  • National Merit Awards, 2015 | Best Choral Group by African Joy – Choreographer.


  • Undisputed Battles | Bboy Champion.
  • Jibilika Dance Battles | Crew Champions.
  • Battle Of The Year | African Champions.

Ending off by mentioning how Cynthia Mare is a star he looks up to, as she is simple, amazing and humble. Plus how he learned a lot from her during their work together on her music video Ngoro.

John left all the readers with this quote, ‘Hustle Hard Enough That You Never Have to Introduce Yourself.’