The world joined South Africa and Africans alike to rally behind South African athlete and Olympic gold medalist, Caster Semenya, following the disappointing ruling in her case against the IAAF.

Ruling in favour of the IAAF, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (Cas) denied the athlete’s appeal against the IAAF, which wants Semenya and other female athletes with naturally high testosterone levels to medically lower them if they want to continue to compete at elite levels.

While Semenya herself has been gracious, the global community has rallied behind her, showing tremendous support and solidarity with the twitter hashtag #JustDoItForCaster, with many celebrities, politicians and sports fans stating that the ruling is not only misogynistic but also a gross violation of basic human rights for a Black woman, and sets an awful precedent for female athletics.

Vowing to continue to win and fight for her rights to inspire those coming behind her, Semenya took to Twitter to share an image that read “, Sometimes it’s better to react with no reaction.”

Take a look at some of the tweets that were shared in support of Caster Semenya below: