African designer, Mai Bradley has burst on the fashion scene with the launch of her premier,

online African Fashion House, Zabba Designs. Based in her home town of Monriva, Liberia and

established in 2010, Ms. Bradley and the recent online launch provides “sexy, sassiness and

style” with her expressive and colorful designs to the world-wide web. Her unique and fresh

touch to the traditional African flair includes the finest of materials, patterns and designs for

those women of all body types, shapes and sizes. Ms. Bradley believes that making each and

every woman feel “fun and sophisticated” is the primary purpose of her designs. Young, mature,

slim or full figured, women love to feel glamorous and elegant. Zabba Designs has set out to do

just that through careful attention to detail, precision planning and expert craftsmanship.

The choice of fabric pattern itself is a detailed task. Particular attention is paid to the body type

for which the fabrics pattern will be sewn, which, in keeping with traditional African design,

allows the actual fabric to tell a story on the body. The fabric for each garment is hand-picked,

then the garment is designed in minute detail and sewn into a Zabba Design by a highly

experienced seamstress. Each quality garment is precise in proportion and pattern placement

to bring life to each design.

Known for combining both bold colors and different cultures in her designs, Ms. Bradley honors

traditions of Western Africa while incorporating a flair of contemporary design and exquisite

fabrics into her excited and often unexpected garments. Through the vibrant color and dazzling

patterns, Zabba Designs intentions are to become the fashion movement to “paint the world in a

kaleidoscope of color.”

In another effort to brighten both the world of fashion and of Liberia, Ms. Bradley and Zabba

Designs employ and train only local craftsmen and women. Due to the online launch and the

African Fashion House in Monrovia producing 100% Liberian made products, steady

employment provides a stable source of income for the Zabba Designs team and there has

been a positive impact on the local economy.

Ms. Bradley takes pride in designing garments that will excite and inspire the women who wear

them and is proud to be a contributor to the city of her origin. To contact Ms. Bradley or for

more information on the African Fashion House, Zabba Designs, by Mai Bradley, visit the

website at: