Dance music never sounded so unique, so fresh, so original. Mi Casa is a live soulful dance trio out of the African continent. Live horns, vocals, keys, combined with deep soulful grooves this act is making some noise, and it sounds good. An energy on stage like no other.

Since 2010 Mi Casa have dominated charts in South Africa with a total of 8 number 1 singles which included their smash hit Jika and Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend which both went multi platinum and were the most played songs on national and continental radio platforms. The trio has hosted countless sold out shows in 31 African countries as well as in Portugal, UK, Netherlands, Italy, and Canada.

What makes this band unique besides the music is their persona and values that are deeply rooted in making music that carries positive vibes and a good uplifting energy.

While the band are most definitely looking forward to their ‘Legacy Tour’ next year, the rest of 2017 sees the band going further afield to play some impressive venues in Canada, Texas, Portugal and The UK. During Mi Casa’s international career, the guys have amassed a truly diverse fan base overseas and aim to grow this by the time the year is out. They will then bring it all back to their roots, firmly anchored in Africa, and continue to grow and share their creative output with their adoring fans the world over. Join them at Scala, London on the 11th August as they rock London town with the fresh sounds of their new album.