The next story to come out as a Netflix original will be animated musical based on African culture after the streaming giant won a four-way bidding battle for the film.

Titled “Tunga” and written by Zimbabwean born screenwriter, Godwin Jabangwe, the family-friendly musical draws inspiration from Shona mythology and culture, highlighting the life of a young girl named Tunga, who, after the death of her father, adventures through a mystical lost city where she is guided by her spiritual elders, who show her how to summon the rain and save her village from drought.

Speaking on Tunga, Godwin Jabangwe to Deadline says: “I never dreamed that a story set in Zimbabwe, on the streets that I grew up playing soccer with a homemade ball, would get made, I’m thrilled to be working with Netflix to bring Tunga to life and grateful to Imagine Impact for helping me take the strand of an idea and weaving it into a tale that I truly hope the world will love.”

Images Courtesy of Deadline & Imagine Impact