I always had the notion that birthdays and the paparazzi that follows are cliché especially in Nigeria, where I’m from. My reason being that there is a significant probability that a sizeable proportion of the birthday well wishers know little or nothing about you.

However, the celebrant enjoys the accolades in good faith knowing that the golden slippers only lasts till midnight.

As Nigeria celebrates  her 57th birthday/Independence, I am shocked and impressed  by the unsparing  display of affection. However, just how much do you know about this celebrant?  Here’s what I know.

Interesting facts about Nigeria

• ​Urban dictionary informally defines nigeria as the Country with the sexiest women in africa!

• Archaeological evidence indicates that humans lived in Nigeria as far back as 9000 BC, making it one of the oldest spots on earth for human settlement.

• Nigerians are extremely intelligent and resourceful  people that if given the right political and socio-economic environment would benefit the world.

• There are 196 countries in the world and at least one Igbo person from Nigeria lives in every one of them.

• The geographical area now referred to as Nigeria was once referred to as ‘Soudan and Nigiritia’.

• Cameroon was an administrative part of nigeria. Towards independence the UN mandated British held former German territory, south Cameroon opted to join French Cameroon and not Nigeria.

• When British Bank of West Africa (now First Bank) opened a branch in Kano in 1929, Alhassan Dantata (Dangote’s Grandfather) opened an account depositing 20 Camel-Loads of Silver Coins.

• The colonization of Nigeria took more than 40 years to achieve and the territories were integrated by the use of force.

•  Yoruba is spoken as a ritual language the Santeria cult in Carribean and South-Central America.

• Slavery existed in the Nigerian territory before the 15th century and was abolished in the 19th century by the British.

• The ‘Ankara’ material is not indigenous to Nigeria. Our indigenous textiles include the Akwete, Ukara, AsoOke and Adire.

• Sir George Dashwood Goldie, a manx administrator who played a major role in founding Nigeria, placed a curse on anyone who attempts to write his biography.

• If you visited Lagos in 1975, you could spend a day at the Presidential Suite of Federal Palace Hotel for N100, Single Room for N19.

• Koma Hills (Adamawa State) inhabitants when discovered were observed to engage in the practise of Borrowing Wives among themselves.

• In 1975, a brand new car sold for N2,000 while a ticket to London was less than N100 and no Visa was required.

Know more?

What do you know about Nigeria? Do you think that popular phrase ” The good old days” is apt in the Nigerian context today? Let us know in the comment section below.

Written by Ayo
I am a 25 year old girl with dreams to explore the world through writing. I grew up in typical Lagos family of five. I am a honors graduate of Economics from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. I love fast cars, fast bikes, and fast food. I am a proud African with the believe that the pen is always mightier than the sword. I would like to join the league of other writers in bridging the geographical and mental gap in the story written about my people.