Changing Africa’s narrative has always been something I’ve noticed that we desperately need as a people. We can’t ignore our painful past. We also can’t ignore the amount of power we currently have. Throughout recent history, our worth was stripped from us. We were physically not free however today we are mentally not free either.

To capture a people doesn’t take the same strategy as it does to animals. It was through controlling our minds that we became colonised. Now it is time to unlearn that. We have to start from the very beginning. As people, we never had time to heal and fully recognise what had been done to us. Today we face a different threat which in my perspective is ourselves through the past.

We currently own the continent. We have to realise that everything we do is shaping the continent. The way we treat each other, the way we raise our children. And the values we have lost, restricting us to take action against leadership that ‘cannibalizes’ on its own people. We don’t teach our children enough about where we came from.

Living in post-colonial South Africa, amongst the youths there’s a lack of understanding about how rich our history truly is. We raise young men to believe that our own African traditions revolve around them. This has resulted in patriarchy flourishing in every part of our society. Obviously many people don’t have such a mentality however when you look around, a contradicting reality stares us in the face.

It is pointless for any of us to complain about our situation if we do not practice lifestyles that address our challenges.

Another thing we never grew out of is fighting against one another. If we raised our children to realise our bonds we wouldn’t see the xenophobia that still thrives in many African countries.

Every day we shape this continent. Unlearn what divides/confuses us and hinders progress through embracing Ubuntu. Change starts from an individual level, internalise that we are more than capable. Morally evaluate your lifestyle and what impact it has on younger generations. Honestly, re-evaluate yourselfare you part the problem or the solution?

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Written by Nathan Africa
I'm a 21 year old creative in Pretoria South Africa. I practice photography, designing, drawing and blogging . Africa is not only my physical and spiritual home but the driving force behind everything I create. I believe that the only way to reach true greatness is by following your individuality and through nurturing it although others might object to it because that's the only way to reach our true potential. I want to tell the African narrative from my African perspective. I wish to show everything that I do to make a positive impact in Africa as my way of changing the world.