For this year’s  SA fashion week, which took place this past week ending on Saturday the 28th of October;  It was all about world-class African entertainment.

All the fashionistas from the stylish celebrities, your favourite Instagram fashion bloggers and entertainment industry giants graced the red carpet. For a world-class African event, it was only fitting that it was hosted at the richest square mile of the continent, Sandton city.

The best designers came from all corners of South Africa to showcase the African talent that the world generally overlooks. Some of the designers were familiar faces if you follow African fashion, like Rich Mnisi and Thebe Magugu. Rich Mnisi was actually featured in iD magazine’s latest film which Checkout Africa also featured in recent articles. Other well-known designers were Gert Johan who bought bigger than life dresses. There was also far more diversity in ethnicity and body types of models on the runway than most fashion events.


When most think about African fashion rarely do they ever think of anything outside of African prints. However, the same material popularly referred to as African prints, are actually German prints marketed to Africans, but that is a topic to indulge on its own article. These designers have managed to craft artistic creations from blissful African dreams. Making something that isn’t restricted by African prints, but those that reconstruct the stereotypes around African designs.

These designs don’t only captivate aesthetically but also to empower women with thought-provoking feminist messages. Notably from Thebe Magugu’s creations above. It seems that African designers are now at an international level especially with regard to utilizing aesthetic appeal to drive an important narrative.

African artistry in fashion can not afford to be for meeting the status quo bias and ignoring taking the opportunity to highlight challenges of the people.

From SA fashion week it is clear that a world class execution was fulfiled. We can reach this excellence on our own together by demanding only the best from ourselves. The future of African creativity looks ever brighter than the very hot sun that graces the continent.

The images featured don’t belong to Checkout Africa and thus we are not the copyright holders. The images were captured by Eunice Driver photography taken from the SA fashion week website.

Written by Nathan Africa
I'm a 21 year old creative in Pretoria South Africa. I practice photography, designing, drawing and blogging . Africa is not only my physical and spiritual home but the driving force behind everything I create. I believe that the only way to reach true greatness is by following your individuality and through nurturing it although others might object to it because that's the only way to reach our true potential. I want to tell the African narrative from my African perspective. I wish to show everything that I do to make a positive impact in Africa as my way of changing the world.