Who Would You Rather Travel With?

“The man that has no music in himself is not fit for adventures” I wrote down in my journal as I readied my mind to visit Ibadan, Nigeria. I had some friends there and they had asked to see me. It wasn’t my first time visiting the town but it was the first time I’ll have people on the other side, ready to receive me.

As I put together my small box: a pair of jean trouser, a black bum short, three white tees, a book, my journal and a pen, a brown leather sandal and a back pack, some chocolates, basically the things I travel with whenever I want to travel light, a friend barged in on me. This friend was a new one, the friendship was basically three weeks old, we have been enjoying each other’s company a great deal and she’s a keeper. She barged in, saw my box and offered her company since she was free and it was going to be a road trip. More fun!

Her request caught me off guard. I wasn’t too sure I wanted her to come with me but she required an answer there and then since my journey was going to start the next day. The motions of her spirit weren’t dull and she moves me with her voice that sounds like concords of sweet sounds. I sat down on my bed, processing her request and scrolling through Instagram when I came across the words “Accept the fluster of a daring company, master the art of letting others in, love is a friend waiting to happen, this is pleasurable, an impossible song waiting to bloom”.

There was my answer and the assurance I needed. I said yes.

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I have travelled with a love interest before; the journey wasn’t very exciting as we kept our expectations, words and actions limited. I didn’t want to let my wildness free as I didn’t want him to be embarrassed as he was often embarrassed by my weirdness most of the times. I tried hard to curtail my excesses which included letting my hands out through the window and screaming at the top of my voice, smiling at people in other vehicles if I find myself stuck in traffic, and the likes. It wasn’t a journey worth writing home about and ever since then, I swore not to travel with a love interest again as they were always too serious and not seeing the fun side of life except if, I find myself dating a weirdo like me.

We crossed dark hills, were stuck in traffic, made silly faces at officers we found on the highway, we shouted and gossiped and sang till our voices cracked and I was more than grateful I let her come with me. She is a mirror of myself, she actually pushed the wildness in me out during our journey and I’d travel with her again and again as long as we remained friends.

Who would you rather travel with? No one, a love interest, a family member or a crazy best friend? Please share with me, I’ll love to read your thoughts and if you’ve travelled with anyone prior now, pray tell how it was? Would you travel with this person again?

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