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By Xavier; A man of many talents

6th April 2021 BY Ivis Ngwenya

Internationally acclaimed, sought-after South African photographer, Xavier Saer is a man of many talents who rediscovered his passion for music during the first lockdown. This passion resulted in two radio single releases which got him noticed and signed to Tiësto’s record label, “Black Hole Recordings”, one of the world’s leading Dance Music Labels. Most people know him as a photographer…


iDesign Art – Affordable Art Fair

30th March 2021 BY Ivor Moyo

After a tough year navigating the coronavirus pandemic, the iDESIGN Art affordable art fair is back with the 7th edition. This event will take place at the Nimbus Art Centre from the 26th of March to the 11th of April, 2021, at a location that has grown to become the central focus for art andcreativity in Lagos. The modern art…


DJ BIG SKY; A man that is in his bag

25th March 2021 BY Ivis Ngwenya

With DJ, producer, writer, and event planner on his CV as well as a civil engineer diploma Mr big sky is a man that is in his bag! He started his career as a DJ in 2003 when he was mentored by DJ star who at the time was part of the legendary group BRF formed by the phenomenal DJ…


Zambian Afropop Princess, Katongo, releases new song ‘Yoyo’

24th March 2021 BY checkoutafrica

Yoyo is an Afrobeat dance track written and performed by Katongo and Zambian Rap star Mic Burner (Thought of you).  The song speaks of a tumultuous relationship in which the female feels she is being treated like a toy yoyo, picked up and then discarded by her partner at a whim.  Yoyo is Katongo’s first single release in 2021.  So far in her career, she has released popular…


Brandon Dhludhlu and his single Uhambe

23rd March 2021 BY Ivis Ngwenya

After coming 3rd on Idols Brandon Dhludhlu’s Uhambe Short Story is one about assuring his girl that he has no intention of letting her go. He expresses how different he is from her ex who let her go. So she needs to get about him and anyone else who doubts their Love. I am telling you guys, South Africans are…

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