Under the Mango Tree – A Youth Agriculture Summer Camp

14th April 2019


Under the Mango Tree officially invites families with children between the
ages of 6 to 10 years to join us in an exciting four-week fun packed
agriculture summer camp conveniently located at Mmofra Place in the Accra suburb of

MORE ABOUT Under the Mango Tree…
Under the Mango Tree is an annual, four-week youth summer camp whose focus is
agriculture and its significance to sustaining our life on this earth. In our program
campers will participate in group-based, hands-on learning activities that are rich in
practical discovery and exploration, whilst focusing on the importance of agriculture in
our local and global society. The purpose of our camp is to magnify the relevance and
significance of ethical and sustainable food production as they pertain to our day-to-day
lives and our future. We believe engaging our young people on the virtues of equity and
humanity as we explore the world of agriculture will ensure a positive and everlasting
effect on their relationship to food.

Each week we will hone in on different aspects of food cultivation and production
ranging from compost and crop identification all the way to value-added production and
the construction of mini-growing structures made with recycled materials for subsistence
farming. We will have professional speakers from our agriculture community come to
engage the campers within their respective area of expertise such as nutrition and crop
propagation. We will take two field trips during the course of our camp: one to visit a
local farm and another to a local market so the campers garner an idea of the logistics of
food production and distribution. These field trips also give the campers an opportunity to
observe how the food cultivation practices they learn about in our camp directly affect the
human beings responsible for the food they enjoy.

Under the Mango Tree will run from 2nd July 2019 to 25th July 2019, Tuesday,
Wednesday and Thursday weekly and 10:00 am – 2:00 pm daily. If you are interested in
having your young agriculturalist join us this summer please email us at
underthemangotreegh@gmail.com or contact 054-324-5604 for more details on the
application process and to secure your camper(s) space in our program.
We look forward to seeing you and your young one(s)!


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