The 10 Best Countries for Doing Business in Africa

9th January 2019 BY checkoutafrica

Africa is open for business.  Looking to invest or do business in Africa? Here are the 10 best countries you should consider when it comes to business in 2019. 10. Egypt With the implementation of the economic reform programme coupled with a $12bn back from the IMF in the last quarter of 2016, Eygpt is one of Africa’s largest economies.…


Black People That Ruled 2018

9th January 2019 BY Ivis

I don’t know if you noticed but 2018 was an amazing year for black people. We started the year off in true fashion with the release of Black Panther – a film which helped to change the western world’s perceptions of African heritage – one that we have been trying so hard to change for decades! NYFW had its most…