Yes, Africans Live in Mud Huts

8th April 2019 BY Fatmata Kamara

I came across the meme below a few years ago and decided to share it on my Facebook page. I left the continent at the age of 5, so at the time I shared this meme I only knew that yes there were probably “mud huts” in Africa and that I didn’t actually remember what an African city looked like.…


From Youtube Clips To Celebrity Designs: The story of Eugene d’wise

8th April 2019 BY Bobby

Who is Eugene d’wise, fashion designer? People today have a chance to self-make and change their situation, taking with them those around them.  There is a revolution of innovation and self-invention like no other time in history. To keep the revolution going and to inspire, stories of those who take a leap of faith need to be shared. Eugene d’Wise…