7 Things You Should Know About Burundi

15th July 2020

1) Location
 It is bordered by Rwanda to the north, Tanzania to the east and south, and
the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west.
 It’s capital city Shifted From Bujumbura to Gitega
o In January 2019, the Parliament of Burundi voted to move the capital city
from Bujumbura to Gitega to promote urbanization and infrastructural

2) Historical context i.e Independence
 Burundi gained independence in 1962 from Belgium and initially had a
monarchy, but a series of assassinations, coups and a general climate of
regional instability culminated in the establishment of a republic in 1966

3) The People…
 The official languages of Burundi are Kirundi and French.
 Burundi has been home to The Twa, Hutu & Tutsi peoples for at least five
hundred years. Burundi is one of the oldest nation-states in Africa.
o Burundi is one of the few African countries to have had a female
prime minister. Sylvie Kinigi was in her position for a year after the
president she served under was assassinated.

4) Local Food or Culture related
 Cattle Equates To Wealth In Burundi
o Burundians love their cows, not only for the meat and milk but because
cows are traditionally a show of wealth. Regardless of your economic
status, as long as you have a cow, then you are a rich person in Burundi.
The more cows you have, the better your social status.
o Upon the death of a cow, the meat is eaten and horns are planted in the
soil near the house. People in Burundi believe that this brings them good

5) Natural resources
 Burundi is a low income earning country; its main exports consist of coffee, tea, sugar, cotton and hides.

6) Nature i.e environment related such as national parks and rivers etc
 Gustave The Gigantic Man-eating Crocodile Is From Burundi
o Gustave is an enormous crocodile in Burundi. His believed to be the
biggest crocodile in the world at over 6 meters and 1,000 kilos. His also
believed to be a man-eater but has never been caught. The crocodile is
about 65 years old, which is about the median age, considering that Nile,
crocodiles can live to 100.

7) Interesting projects such as pure crazy investments:

 Group jogging is banned in Burundi. In 2014, the country’s president
banned the activity, citing the reason that such walks can help people plan
subversive (anti-government) activities

Written by Ivor Moyo

Social media maven. Team Member @ Checkoutafrica

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