The Adventure of Art & African Literature

9th June 2018

The splendor of Art is the variety and the perception that emanates from it, giving room for freedom and expressions beyond explanation and this encounter with Art was a recent experience in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria where a group of four women provided a platform for Art to be expressed and criticized.

Custodians of African Literature (COAL)  is an initiative put together by four exceptional women with a keen passion for literature. These ladies; Daisy Odey, Andrew Patience, Farida Adamu, and Jennifer Dafwat, created a platform where a caliber of literary passionate minds come together to enjoy and criticize whatever is presented.

African Art & Literature

Coupled with the excess talent especially in the Arts that exists in Jos, COAL gave and still gives room for expression. Activities that are experienced include spoken word, book reading, storytelling, poetry and anything artistic that ought to be enjoyed. Recently, they hosted an open mic, where the floor was open to mostly spoken word artists who were limitless in their expressions and rhymes, basking in their dexterity and creativity. These artistes demonstrated the power in words, not forgetting their immediate environment and the use of their mother tongues were found necessary. It was an exciting experience watching these artistes be criticized for their use of language or misplaced themes, or gesticulation and performance.  You must give it to the audience, it was essential for them to feel the words and expressions and no one failed to say exactly how they felt about every performer and performance.

African Art & Literature

Another excitement is the intelligence that dwells in the minds of these young individuals who are necessarily not doing it for the money, but are passionate like it were a divine hold they cannot let go off until it is exerted. It is actually inspiring watching these people do what they love exceptionally. On the aspect of book reading, books are being read aloud and opinions shared or criticisms. There are special occasions where authors are invited and people have a one on one encounter with the author and yeah…criticize or praise.African Art & Literature

Given the reading tradition in the present generation is at the bottom of the chart, it is inspiring seeing young minds who still love books and are custodians of Literature.

So! do tell what’s your opinion on reading habits generally and what’s the title of the last book you read?

I feel our generation is too engrossed in chatting and the internet than creativity, what do you think?

Do you like spoken word?

Thank you! cheers….


Written by Uvie Giwewhegbe

I am passionate about my environment and things that happen around it and it unconsciously drives me to write . I am the author of The Man with The White Hat and other Short stories found on (still more books to come),a blogger and media personality.

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