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16th August 2017

Africa Sports Unified began when I was studying my masters in Sports Management & The Business of Football at Birkbeck University. My dissertation focused on the commercialisation of the Nigerian Professional Football League.

On gathering research, it was clear there was a lack of sources commenting on the sports business principles of the African sports market such as law, competition structure, economics and relevant case studies. And so, after consulting with people within the sports market, ASU was created to fill this gap.

Africa has the largest diaspora in the world and has birthed of some of the greatest sporting personalities. Still, the continent lags behind others in the development of sports. For too long, the narrative surrounding Africa and sports has been one of aid, charity, corruption, and players of African descent pursuing their trade abroad. We aim to change that narrative.

ASU seeks to be the sports business hub for all African related sports, providing a community for those who wish to help build a sustainable sports economy and give a true reflection of the expanding sports market in Africa.

Africa Sports Unified is a place where people can come and read key insights and expert opinion on the African sports business market from industry experts. We aim to portray the vast opportunities, obvious barriers while shifting the narrative on the market through engaging content.

The ASU community isn’t just for Africans. We want to build a network for the diaspora. For those working or just interested in sports, wanting to work in sports, students or just seeking investment opportunities, potential partnerships and those who just want to know more about the African sports market.

We are a sports media brand, one we really want to establish as a household name. We already see ample opportunities to grow and diversify in the future, bringing value to the market.

ASU Mission

Our mission at Africa Sports Unified (ASU) is to grow the largest African sports business community in the world. Depicting the true voice of the African sports market, highlighting the challenges and opportunities the continent faces in growing a sustainable sports economy. Through our brand and community, we will help to increase awareness, transparency, and knowledge as well as to educate, inform and unite the African Sports Business market.

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