The African Citizen Initiative Creating Opportunities For African Students

20th August 2020

In this growing global space African youths across the globe are doing the most, and when opportunities knock WE capitalise. AFRICAN citizen is an organisation that is unlocking doors for young Africans in universities around the world.

African Citizen works off the engagement of African university students who are using their collective voices and efforts to create a platform that aids fellow African students and aims to help them advance their capabilities and talents. This is pretty awesome and fully represents the principle of UBUNTU considering how hard it is being far from home but this initiative brings Africans closer for one cause.

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The organisation believes that Africans have a lot of potential running through their blood and it’s about time this potential is released out there for the world to see. Through their mix of content, events organisation and various action platforms, the African Citizen Initiative believes they are building a movement to increase economic freedom.

Recently the organisation hosted the AFRICAN CITIZEN BUSINESS EXHIBITION SHOW in Cyprus for African students in Cyprus. The exhibition was proudly sponsored by The Kachere Foundation, Glenmont Holdings and PolarLion Wear. The event was a huge success and a great opportunity for African students who wanted to showcase their products and services as well as to raise awareness of their existence and for people to come support student businesses and network. This was all to aid African student’s businesses in their endeavors to success.

One of the sponsors Willard Kachere from the Kachere Foundation said that his sole purpose and purpose of his foundation is to put his own on, to uplift and assist people in need of help,

“The world has many philanthropists that are rich and can afford to part with some money but even though the founders are not rich in monetary terms they are rich in sacrifice because thats what counts. If we dont sacrifice the little we have and wait until we are rich what happens when we dont become rich? Progress is key and HELP is how we progress.”, Kachere said.

The initiative is highly commendable in this world full of opportunities and the organisation as a whole as the African Citizen Initiative wants to change the African narrative. The narrative of African student’s in foreign
countries and African student’s businesses in foreign countries…

” We want to create a platform with a system that works for us rather than against us.”

Conclusively the future of African Citizen Intiative is exciting. It is an initiative that will change lots of lives and people will be challenged to step up and do the most the AFRICAN way through the host of opportunities and programs they offer.

Written by Kevin Mwenye

Journalist and media practitioner.

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