Ananya; Zimbabwe’s next star

13th July 2020

At this moment in time, if I could switch roles with anyone in this. life, it’d have to be Ananya, this girl is literally living my dream life. Currently living in NYC – the city where dreams come true, studying fashion at one of the most prestigious fashion colleges in the world – Parsons and on top of that she recently topped the charts last month in SA and Zim with her hit single Marble eyes.

Fun fact; at the mere age of 20 Ananya writes and produces her own music. A true creative and an inspiration to so many people like myself. It’s crazy to think that this is literally only the beginning of her career. This was my first time, listening to her music, it’s so nostalgic to me and reminds me of the early 2010s when life was good! Her vibe, her sound, everything about her is really a 10/10 and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for her.

How do you juggle a music career with being a fashion student?

Well, definitely at this point in time since I am going into my last year at uni, it’s always going to be studies first, so I kind of doing everything I can to get these assignments done, then once that’s done, everything is just music. I am just really grateful that fashion and music do come hand in hand, there are ways where I am able to connect the two and that’s really great for me. I am very passionate about them both so it helps to know that when I have a deadline “I need to get this done” and then it’s all music.

What is the story behind marble eyes?

So, it is about a summer romance, kind of whirlwind romance, up and down and everything, the fear of falling back into it when you know you shouldn’t, so you’re kind of telling this person “hey, next time can you stay away from me because I don’t trust myself to interact with you”

How would you say fashion and music are intertwined?

I think that fashion can be used as a tool of expression, it’s almost like a safety blanket and then music is also another form of self-expression – except, it’s more personal. Music, unlike fashion, connects all of us on a level that’s indescribable – I mean everyone has that one song that they can relate so strongly to and that they never get sick of listening to. So they are both forms of expression but I think fashion helps the visual for music, that’s the best way to put it – as an artist, you want to create your own image, your own identity and you use fashion to do that by creating this visual that people won’t forget, like for example; grace jones. She is an icon but if people don’t know her music, they know her image, her aesthetic, the way she dresses etc.

What do you love most about studying in NYC?

The spirit – it’s loud, energetic, it’s encouraging. You go out and people are getting things done and it’s motivating because you want to be like one of those people who is getting things done. You have no time to slack, it really pushes you!

How would you say growing up in Zimbabwe helped your creativity?

I think Zimbabwe is an inspiration in itself, as well as the people in Zimbabwe – they are the most incredible people I have ever known. And I think as Zimbabweans, from the minute we’re born, we learn to improvise; like if you can’t do that “we’ll make a plan”. To this day if something comes up, I always say to myself “I’ll make a plan, it’s fine” because I grew up in Zim

It’s amazing because there is so much creativity in Zim and I notice it more and more every time I come back. It literally breeds creativity.

What can we expect from you next in terms of music? An ep, an album or a few more singles?

I think for the time being, since I am doing a lot of this on my own there is still so much that I need to learn about the industry so I am taking it day by day so, for now, it will just be singles, that’s what I feel most for. Hopefully one day there will be an album or ep.

There’s actually a new single I have coming out in July, it’s quite sassy, it has more of an attitude than the other ones and it’s a song where the girl isn’t actually a victim this time, like the other ones, shes kind of standing up for herself and she’s strong! It’s exciting and it’s called a shy boy!

What are your plans after graduation? Are you going to pursue fashion? Music? Are you going to stay in New York?

It’s quite stressful, I actually haven’t thought that far ahead, I know it’s so close because it’s only a year away. I don’t know, it’s scary to think of but again, they come hand in hand, so it would be really cool to do something that combines the two or honestly, at the end of the day, I just want to be doing what I am passionate about, what I enjoy doing so if in a years time that’s fashion, then it’s fashion – if it’s music, then its music. Just kind of sticking to doing what makes me happy.

What are your dream travel destinations and why?

I have so many dream travel destinations but one place I am dying to go to is Japan – the fashion scene there is incredible, I’m dying to see the cherry blossoms, the architecture. I feel like there is so much to see and so much to learn in Japan.

Which fashion designer has influenced you the most?

My favourite fashion designer, that’s so hard because It’s always something that’s changing but atm it Jaqceumes – he’s so inclusive about how he shows his clothes and who wears them. There are so many brands who say kind of claim that you have to look a certain way to wear their designs but he doesn’t – I mean, he did a campaign with his grandmother! It’s just beautiful.

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

I kind of had an answer to this question, until coronavirus happened – it taught me that you never actually know what’s coming because no one planned for corona snd everyone’s world was flipped. So honestly, I am trying to take it day by day and work to the next ting, then from there, I can see where I can take it. But then again in 10 years, I hope I will have released more music that people can feel for and continue doing what I love and following my passions.

Listen to Marble Eyes;

Written by Ivis Ngwenya

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