I Found God in Ancestral Lands

6th November 2017 BY Bosa Sebele

African spirituality is often ingrained in us as we grow. Our ancestors ” Badimo” (Setswana), are held with great respect in certain regions of Botswana, seeing as they are said to be holders of  immense wisdom, and more often than not, those seeking answers to all of the lifes problems resorting to reaching out to the elders of their communities…


Oliver Mtukudzi at Mascom Live Sessions

12th October 2017 BY Bosa Sebele

“Blessings pour as Tuku brings down the house” Source: Botswana Craft Facebook page Friday 6th October wasn’t just any other ordinary evening; many flocked to Botswana Craft to watch a groundbreaking performance by Legendary Zimbabwean Jazz Legend Oliver Mtukudzi “Tuku” alongside Botswana’s King of Kwasa, Franco. Although the rain poured down, that didn’t stop us, after all, rain is seen…