Yes, Africans Live in Mud Huts

8th April 2019 BY Fatmata Kamara

I came across the meme below a few years ago and decided to share it on my Facebook page. I left the continent at the age of 5, so at the time I shared this meme I only knew that yes there were probably “mud huts” in Africa and that I didn’t actually remember what an African city looked like.…


5 Things Learned Since Coming to Sierra Leone

19th December 2017 BY Fatmata Kamara

I’ve now been to Sierra Leone two times since leaving 2 months after I was born. ¬†There are many things that surprised me about what things worked here. Here are 5 things I’ve learned. J.C If you’re a Sierra Leonean that lives abroad “J.C” is something you’ll hear and be called often. J.C stands for “Just Coming” meaning someone that…


So who loves the Black Woman: A photo series

15th December 2017 BY Fatmata Kamara

“So who loves the black woman” is a photo series photographed by Binti Kamara, that featured and was creative directed by myself. The series visualizes and explains with pieces of writing inside the mind of a young African woman and her struggle with mental illness, identity and her younger selves attachment to her. Here’s what it all means The title…


Why I Changed the Way I Photographed African Kids

18th November 2017 BY Fatmata Kamara

The romanticization of African kids in poverty through photos is nothing new, has been ongoing for decades, and has always seemed like something that was part of the travel package for everyone paying a visit to the continent. In 2014 when I got back from my almost 4 month trip to Sierra Leone, I posted the picture below with a…