Un-apologetically black, I am

22nd November 2017 BY Kaoutar Hrari

I often receive remarks about my personal by-default preferences such as why I love befriending people that look like me, why I love African prints, head-wraps, African music and dance, aswell as tribes culture and traditions, why my prince charming is by-default black, why I get angry each time I read books and articles about slavery, segregation and racism or…


Djebli Club, a Morrocan Dream Coming True

4th November 2017 BY Kaoutar Hrari

I have always admired people who pursue their dreams, be it small or immense. If it were not for his dream, I would not have known him. Living the dream Allae HAMMIOUI, 35 years young, Moroccan, ex-computer engineer, founder of Djebli Club.  A la Alexander Supertramp, in search for the harmony of life, this young man left a career in Paris…


In the Footsteps of Leila Alaoui

5th October 2017 BY Kaoutar Hrari

A tribute to be paid to the late Leila Alaoui The opening of the photo-exhibition “Sur les pas de Leila Alaoui”, following in the footsteps of Leila Alaoui”, will take place this October 5th at the gallery of Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca (Morocco). This tribute is organized by the “Foundation Leila Alaoui” in cooperation with CCME (Council of the Moroccan…


Seven African Women Amongst 100 Women Challenge

27th September 2017 BY Kaoutar Hrari

Seven inspirational and innovative African women representing six different African countries are listed to take part in BBC 100 Women 2017 challenge; still, the number might increase. The BBC 100 Women Challenge is dedicated to female figures with prominent and inspirational influences. In fact, this challenge brings “together some of the best and brightest women in their field to work”, says Fiona Crack,…