Five Minutes with Digital Sangoma

30th October 2017 BY Matimu Rikhotso

Mandisi Mafu is cultivating a growing following in the Cape Town and South African music scene as of late. Going by the stage name of Digital Sangoma, his smooth ethereal sounds and traditionally rhythmic melodies are almost unmissable. Having recently made appearances on some of South Africa’s most popular daytime shows (Expresso and Hectic99), Digital Sangoma is knocking on all…


6 Legendary African Film Festivals

29th September 2017 BY Matimu Rikhotso

Exploring African film’s most esteemed festivals African cinema (in its complex and differential existence) has forever been given the tag of ‘outlier’ in the global film industry. How do we begin to reconcile the reality of African cinemas as firstly, progressive industries with their own narratives to speak on, and secondly, as more than the current representation of African cinema…