The Chapungu sculptures, world’s finest.

5th April 2018 BY Nathan Africa

From the moment you lay your eyes on them, it is as if a different world opens. A rich world forever narrated in stone that is. For one it is reminiscent of the famous Picasso’s iconic abstract portraiture paintings, whose work was undoubtedly somewhat African inspired. Chapungu sculptures are a minimalist’s blissful dreams. Sitting in the mineral and archaeological rich-land…


The People Vs Patriarchy: A Review

18th December 2017 BY Nathan Africa

16 days of activism against women and child abuse continue in South Africa many people and media joined in the conversations with many NGOs and celebrities holding events and talks throughout the nation to spread awareness. TV shows also ran plots that narrated and explored different forms of abuse. Many stories gave insight onto how abuse takes place daily in many…


Diaspora Art: Getting Lost In Kaylan’s Island

12th December 2017 BY Nathan Africa

  With the internet being important for how today’s world functions. Social media has thus become an oasis for artistic expressionists. Kaylan is part of the new generation of African diaspora artists uniting digital technology with artistic expression. LOST IN THE ISLAND is the title the Canadian artist goes by with her art Instagram account, which looks like an online…


Meet Thabiso Mbambo,An outstanding Digital Artist.

15th November 2017 BY Nathan Africa

With a compelling understanding of African cultures, Thabiso Mbambo channels his love of African cultures through digital art. He has managed to narrate his contemporary Afro-punk inspired series with an outstanding visual appeal. This is the interview with the artist himself. 1. Who are you and where are you from and currently based? I’m Thabiso, 25 years old born and…


The Foxy Five TV, The YouTube series exploring Feminism in Africa.

9th November 2017 BY Nathan Africa

  Rarely does one ever randomly stumble upon online content they did not know how they ever survived without. Well, that is exactly the kind of impact The Foxy Five TV series has. Without realizing it, one will find themselves binge watching this refreshing take on feminism. Set in the city of Cape Town, South Africa, Foxy Five is created…


World-class Talent at South Africa’s Fashion Week

2nd November 2017 BY Nathan Africa

For this year’s  SA fashion week, which took place this past week ending on Saturday the 28th of October;  It was all about world-class African entertainment. All the fashionistas from the stylish celebrities, your favourite Instagram fashion bloggers and entertainment industry giants graced the red carpet. For a world-class African event, it was only fitting that it was hosted at the…


If my perspective could revolutionise the African narrative.

20th October 2017 BY Nathan Africa

Changing Africa’s narrative has always been something I’ve noticed that we desperately need as a people. We can’t ignore our painful past. We also can’t ignore the amount of power we currently have. Throughout recent history, our worth was stripped from us. We were physically not free however today we are mentally not free either. To capture a people doesn’t…


Dear African Men, Tradition Isn’t Justification for patriarchy

18th October 2017 BY Nathan Africa

Tempers flaring, angered by the truth that threatens their fragile masculinities as testosterone further blinds them from reality. We have all heard men use this often times on the radio or television. “According to African traditions as men…” then they proceed to use tradition as a ‘petty’ excuse for something they shouldn’t be doing. Just so that we are on…