To Hell and Back with Simba Chakauya

12th July 2018 BY Rutendo Chabikwa

Is there such a thing as a common “human experience”? From the biology of our bodies, to our communities’ social structures, to our minds philosophical ideologies, and even the metaphysical stirs of our spirts – all these constitute the human experience. While we encounter these differently, the question whether or not there is something relatable to each one of us…


Zimbabwe: Against all Analysis, Yet Again

22nd November 2017 BY Rutendo Chabikwa

You sit down at your computer, a cup of coffee nearby and you are scrolling through the news. Here is what you know so far: President Robert Mugabe fired Vice President, Emmerson Mnangagwa early November; late at night on the 14th of November the military announced a takeover in what they said was not a coup but looks like a…


Nelson Makamo: A Coffee with the African Artist

24th October 2017 BY Rutendo Chabikwa

I walked into the room designated to the Gallery of African Art (GAFRA) at the 1:54 Contemporary African Art fair in London, and there they were, glorious works of charcoal that took me back to a place I knew too well – my carefree childhood. I had to meet the man behind these pieces. I later sat across Nelson Makamo…