Chakalaka – A South African Dish

2nd March 2019 BY Sh'anesu Gutsa

“Chuck-a-laker!” Jermaine said in a deep American accent and Cherish had to stop herself from rolling her eyes at the American exchange student staring at her lunch. “It’s called “chakalaka”, Cha-car-La-Car, not Chuck a Laker!” “Oh well, I still don’t like the Lakers”, he shrugged, telling Cherish this as if this irrelevant piece of information was supposed to provoke a…


Chipsi Mayai – a Tanzanian Dish

30th May 2018 BY Sh'anesu Gutsa

She had never seen anything like it before. Not that it looked alien or unusual, but she’d just never seen chips in an omelette in her entire existence. Fascinated, she asked the short and stout restaurant manager if she could come to the kitchen to watch the cook preparing the chip omelette. “It’s called ‘Chipsi mayai,’” the manager said, adding…