BIDHAAR x CHECKOUT AFRICA T-Shirt Competition: Bringing Africa Together Through Art.

23rd September 2019

The recent Xenophobic attacks in South Africa against nationals from other African countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe and much more inspired this BIDHAAR and CHECKOUT AFRICA T-Shirt design competition.

So, you may be wondering what is Xenophobia?

It means “extreme hatred, dislike or fear of foreigners, their customs, religions, or anything that is seemingly strange”. The word which was adopted from two ancient Greek terms “xenos” translated as either “stranger” or “guest”; and “phobos” meaning “fear” or “flight” . Its literal translation “Stranger fearing” was coined in New Latin.

Some South African citizens have been discriminating, attacking, killing and looting immigrants from other African countries for years even prior to 1994. The violence and chaos are reportedly caused by local disputes.

In response to this, BIDHAAR; London’s first experiential concept store inspired by premium African fashion, music & lifestyle is collaborating with Checkout Africa to bring the continent together through a Pan-Africa T-shirt design competition.

We’re saying no to prejudice and discrimination against Africans from other countries. The energy put into hating, looting and destroying each other should best be used building one another up, we intend to show this through art.

We are therefore, calling on artists to come up with a unique design for the next Bidhaar merchandise to be sold exclusively at the store.

The winning design of the T-shirt competition will be sold exclusively at BIDHAAR London store set to open in October 2019 during UK’s BLACK HISTORY MONTH.

To take part:
Design an artwork inspired by the theme “A United Africa for all”.

Share across your social media platforms with hashtag #BeyondXeno

The work with the highest likes wins and will go into production

You must also be following @Bidhaarofficial and @CheckoutAfrica

The winning artists will earn royalties on designs and part of the proceeds would also be used to support a social cause in Africa dear to their heart.

Deadline: Tuesday, 1st of October, 2019.

Good luck, and may the best artist win!

Written by Ivor Moyo

Social media maven. Team Member @ Checkoutafrica

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