Bogobiri House Hotel – Staycation

13th October 2020

With almost 50,000 reported cases of COVID -19 in the Nigeria, the respiratory disease that is spread via close contact has changed the way we carry out activities, socialise and live our lives in general. Planning a summer vacation has become almost impossible with restrictions on international travel to many destinations, this has driven people to explore the option of a staycation, discovering resorts of leisure on our home turf.

Bogobiri House Hotel, the afrocentric hub of Lagos like many other hotels and resorts takes the safety of its hotel guests, customers and visitors seriously and has carried out the necessary precautions to provide a safe clean environment ahead of reopening. This includes sanitisation of all areas, re-armament of dinning and other social areas to encourage social distancing and the introduction of contactless modes of operation.

Co Founder of Bogobiri, Mrs Tola Akerele has this to say about the nature of holiday makers in the current climate…..

“Many people would like to travel and have a change of scene, but this has become increasing difficult with the current climate and the imposition of isolation rules on arrival to the limited amount of countries one can actually visit.
Overseas travel does not look so attractive right now, I believe it’s a good time to explore options locally and within the region. Bogobiri House is offering a staycation package which promises to be a relaxing and cultural experience. We want you to come and really immerse yourself in all the activities we have on offer to make your stay really special.

Our goal is to ensure that by the time you leave us you will be inspired and ready to face Lagos again. We are offering a weekend of music, art and gastronomy with the option of having rejuvenating treatments from our Spa. What remains is for you to book the weekend! We look forward to seeing you for the ultimate Bogobiri Experience”

Written by Ivor Moyo

Social media maven. Team Member @ Checkoutafrica

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