“Destination” Sets Tone For Hillzy’s New LA Beginnings

13th February 2020 BY Kevin Mwenye

Hillzy was and has always been dubbed to be a ticking time bomb in the Zimbabwean/African Music fraternity causing major waves using the internet to capture fans with a strategy that started off with covers, to him shaking heads with his own hit songs. Now after scooping some rewards at the Changamire and AFRIMA awards he is on his way…


BIDHAAR x CHECKOUT AFRICA T-Shirt Competition: Bringing Africa Together Through Art.

23rd September 2019 BY Ivor Moyo

The recent Xenophobic attacks in South Africa against nationals from other African countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe and much more inspired this BIDHAAR and CHECKOUT AFRICA T-Shirt design competition. So, you may be wondering what is Xenophobia? It means “extreme hatred, dislike or fear of foreigners, their customs, religions, or anything that is seemingly strange”. The word which was…


Ishan Bundles up Zimbabwean Music Heavyweights to spread the message of hope and being African , in the “Kure” Remix

18th August 2019 BY Kevin Mwenye

In the past months Ishan ( who’s become a Zimbabwean favorite ) dropped a single and visuals for his outstanding chart topping single “Kure” which has made strides all over the continent featuring local artist, Ti Gonzi. The remix for the awesome record is finally out and it’s really a package full of surprises and talent. In the original song…


CheckOutAfrica Highlights: SCALPED is The New Dance Theatre Piece Celebrating Black Women’s Natural Hair

21st June 2019 BY Meli

Addressing and exploring the objectification of black women’s hair through the eyes of western society, SCALPED is the new dance theatre piece that’s educating the masses on the experiences black women face on an everyday basis. After making their debut at Brighton Festival in May, we caught up with the creators of SCALPED, Damilola D.K Fashola and Wofai, ahead of…


Radio Africa: Bringing a taste of the motherland to its Brazilian offspring

15th May 2019 BY Bobby

Born in Bahia Outside of Africa, Brazil has the largest black population in the world. Inside of Brazil, Bahia state has the biggest Afro-Brazilian population. So, what better place than Salvador, Bahia, for the birth of the first African FM radio show in Brazil.  Conceived in 2007, Radio Africa is part of the programming of Educadora FM radio station, a…


Zimbabwean-born Scholar, Dr Tererai Trent To Be Honoured With NYC Statue

10th May 2019 BY Meli

Zimbabwean-born scholar, author and humanitarian Dr Tererai Trent has been named as one of the 10 most inspiring women in the world, for her dedicated work in championing gender equality. As part of an inniative dubbed “Statues for Equailty,” the African academic will have a statue erected in her honour at the Rockefeller Centre in New York City, recognizing Trent…


Under the Mango Tree – A Youth Agriculture Summer Camp

14th April 2019 BY checkoutafrica

YOU’RE INVITED! Under the Mango Tree officially invites families with children between the ages of 6 to 10 years to join us in an exciting four-week fun packed agriculture summer camp conveniently located at Mmofra Place in the Accra suburb of Dzorwulu. MORE ABOUT Under the Mango Tree… Under the Mango Tree is an annual, four-week youth summer camp whose…


Yes, Africans Live in Mud Huts

8th April 2019 BY Fatmata Kamara

I came across the meme below a few years ago and decided to share it on my Facebook page. I left the continent at the age of 5, so at the time I shared this meme I only knew that yes there were probably “mud huts” in Africa and that I didn’t actually remember what an African city looked like.…


Google Celebrates Hugh Masekela’s 80th Birthday

4th April 2019 BY Meli

Google is honouring the legendary South African musician Hugh Masekela, making the Jazz artist the latest to feature on the search engines ever-changing homepage. Celebrating the musicians birthday, Bra Hugh Masekela, who was born on the 4th of April 1939 and passed away early 2018, would have been 80 today. The legendary South African trumpeter, composer, singer and all-around creative…