A Jungle in Africa called Love

4th July 2018 BY awakhiwe mnyandu

There is a rhythm that we dance to, we young people in Africa. It thumps like drums in the wild, always calling for us to step with somebody. Partners are plenty, styles are many and each melody sings a different promise. To dance a beautiful dance is the heart’s most fulfilling desire, but it is a treacherous wild in which we…


Bukom: the story behind the capital of boxing World Champions

14th June 2018 BY Ivor Moyo

MORE THAN A NEIGHBORHOOD, A FAMILY HOW A SLUM IN GHANA BECAME THE HOME OF 8 BOXING CHAMPIONS There is something particular about Bukom. Located on the outskirts of Ghana’s capital Accra, Bukom is one of those places where people live together in little-crowded shacks made of tin and dirt. You would never guess this place is a legendary World…


La vérité derrière nos richesses

13th June 2018 BY erika takouyopa

(Ressources Naturelles Et Impérialisme : Le Cas De La Françafrique.) jeunesamisdelaterre.org/ressources-naturelles-et-imperialisme-le-cas-de-la-francafrique.   Introduction : Comment est-ce c’est normal que les terres africaines soient riches en mine, mais dans le monde économique ce n’est pas nous qui dominons ? Analyse ceci, le continent africain est riche en ressources naturelles, mais la famine est où on domine. Mais, comment est-ce que ceci s’explique……


The Spirit of Anti-Littering

4th June 2018 BY Dan Tafara Dandadzi

As we are fast approaching the hotly contested 2018 general elections in Zimbabwe, it brings me to wonder whether our local politicians are really concerned or aware of the realities of local governance in Zimbabwe. Everywhere you go, you are met with Waste littered anywhere and everywhere the eye can see. It is not surprising to see waste dumped or…


The Chapungu sculptures, world’s finest.

5th April 2018 BY Nathan Africa

From the moment you lay your eyes on them, it is as if a different world opens. A rich world forever narrated in stone that is. For one it is reminiscent of the famous Picasso’s iconic abstract portraiture paintings, whose work was undoubtedly somewhat African inspired. Chapungu sculptures are a minimalist’s blissful dreams. Sitting in the mineral and archaeological rich-land…


South African Fashion Blogger, Bobo, On A Mission To Put African Fashion On The Map

23rd January 2018 BY checkoutafrica

Los Angeles, CA – September 2015 – South African fashion blogger, Bobo, dedicated to bringing greater visibility to the African fashion industry, releases her first Ankara fashion editorial with Nigerian designer Mercy1932 in Los Angeles. This Fashion Fiend: A fashion blog ran by South African fashion blogger Bobo, is on a mission to make the fashion industry more inclusive. With…


Five Africans who slayed 2017

27th December 2017 BY Amanda Masuku

As the year is coming to an end, a lot of reflection is taking place. Admittedly, there haven’t been as many negative recollections of 2017 by people online as there were for the year 2016 so it’s reasonable to assume that everyone had a pretty decent year. The following people, however, seem to have been winning all year round and…


Checkout A List Of African Ethnic Groups

21st December 2017 BY checkoutafrica

On this page is a list of a few of the estimated three thousand African ethnic groups. We have included some of the largest, most interesting, and best known tribal groups. There is a brief description of each tribe. If a name is highlighted you may click on it for more detailed information. We will periodically be adding more information…


5 Things Learned Since Coming to Sierra Leone

19th December 2017 BY Fatmata Kamara

I’ve now been to Sierra Leone two times since leaving 2 months after I was born.  There are many things that surprised me about what things worked here. Here are 5 things I’ve learned. J.C If you’re a Sierra Leonean that lives abroad “J.C” is something you’ll hear and be called often. J.C stands for “Just Coming” meaning someone that…