Meet Thabiso Mbambo,An outstanding Digital Artist.

15th November 2017 BY Nathan Africa

With a compelling understanding of African cultures, Thabiso Mbambo channels his love of African cultures through digital art. He has managed to narrate his contemporary Afro-punk inspired series with an outstanding visual appeal. This is the interview with the artist himself. 1. Who are you and where are you from and currently based? I’m Thabiso, 25 years old born and…


 Is Something Wrong With US That The First Thing We’re Asked Is Where we’ve come from and Not Our Name?

7th November 2017 BY Ruvimbo Togara

“As an African living abroad” Photographed by Ruvimbo Togara. What do you tell your child when their skin colour is racial profiled before their true character is unveiled? How do explain to them that their BLACKNESS is not a curse but its a blessing? How do you go beyond the stereotypes that society labeled us before we were even conceived…


Top 5 African Instagram Accounts to Follow

6th November 2017 BY checkoutafrica

African Instagram accounts to follow Instagram is an awesome way to share experiences and moments in time. We’ve pulled together some of our favourite Instagram accounts that depicts life all across Africa Dynamic Africa African based media platform that provides information and stories that shows the day to day experience of people of the Africa Diaspora. Check out Africa CheckoutAfrica…


I Found God in Ancestral Lands

6th November 2017 BY Bosa Sebele

African spirituality is often ingrained in us as we grow. Our ancestors ” Badimo” (Setswana), are held with great respect in certain regions of Botswana, seeing as they are said to be holders of  immense wisdom, and more often than not, those seeking answers to all of the lifes problems resorting to reaching out to the elders of their communities…


World-class Talent at South Africa’s Fashion Week

2nd November 2017 BY Nathan Africa

For this year’s  SA fashion week, which took place this past week ending on Saturday the 28th of October;  It was all about world-class African entertainment. All the fashionistas from the stylish celebrities, your favourite Instagram fashion bloggers and entertainment industry giants graced the red carpet. For a world-class African event, it was only fitting that it was hosted at the…


10 Luxury Hotels in Africa

1st November 2017 BY checkoutafrica

Africa is typically associated with the world’s wildest places, yet this continent is also home to some spectacular hotels that can easily be described as among the most elegant and luxurious in the world. The following luxury hotels are well-worth visiting when you want accommodations that are unrivalled in terms of beauty and services. 1. Palais Namaskar, Marrakech, Morocco Bathed…


Nelson Makamo: A Coffee with the African Artist

24th October 2017 BY Rutendo Chabikwa

I walked into the room designated to the Gallery of African Art (GAFRA) at the 1:54 Contemporary African Art fair in London, and there they were, glorious works of charcoal that took me back to a place I knew too well – my carefree childhood. I had to meet the man behind these pieces. I later sat across Nelson Makamo…


Dear African Men, Tradition Isn’t Justification for patriarchy

18th October 2017 BY Nathan Africa

Tempers flaring, angered by the truth that threatens their fragile masculinities as testosterone further blinds them from reality. We have all heard men use this often times on the radio or television. “According to African traditions as men…” then they proceed to use tradition as a ‘petty’ excuse for something they shouldn’t be doing. Just so that we are on…


“One Mans Dream Unlocks Many Doors.”

14th October 2017 BY Ruvimbo Togara

I recently got the opportunity to sit down and talk to an amazing young man doing big things in Australia for the Culture. I hadn’t met this individual prior to the day of this interview so I was a bit nervous. But it’s as if when I met him that fear I had in the back of my mind disappeared……