10 Interesting Facts About Africa

1st October 2017 BY checkoutafrica

CheckoutAfrica put together a list of 10 interesting facts about Africa. While Africa makes up about 16% of the world’s population, fully one quarter of the world’s languages are spoken only in Africa. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, with an estimated population of 125–145 million people. Egypt is the second most populous country with over 76 million…


6 Legendary African Film Festivals

29th September 2017 BY Matimu Rikhotso

Exploring African film’s most esteemed festivals African cinema (in its complex and differential existence) has forever been given the tag of ‘outlier’ in the global film industry. How do we begin to reconcile the reality of African cinemas as firstly, progressive industries with their own narratives to speak on, and secondly, as more than the current representation of African cinema…


MR EAZI, An Exclusive 5 Minute Interview with the Superstar

3rd September 2017 BY Meli

You have probably heard of him by now, and if not; you have certainly heard his music. MR EAZI is the uprising international superstar out of Nigeria by way of Ghana. Rising to stardom on the back of his hit singles ‘Skintight’, ‘Hollup’ and ‘Legover’; recently, the Afrobeat singer was featured as Apple Music’s ‘Up Next’ artist of the month,…


My Africa, Our First Step for Relief

28th August 2017 BY Ivor Moyo

My Africa August 2017 has been a shocking month that saw three continents affected by three independent disasters. The USA experienced the riots in Charlottesville, Europe was hit by terrorism in Barcelona, and Africa was devastated by the floods in Freetown. All three of these events, unfortunately, resulted in the loss of life; 1 in Virginia, 13 in Spain and…


Q&A with Revolutionary Artist; Lady Skollie

27th August 2017 BY Lerato Chiyangwa

Lady Skollie in studio. Image by; Simiato Matik Laura Windvogel, who is well known by the moniker Lady Skollie caught my creative eye earlier in 2017, when while checking out online art, I came across her early 2017 art exhibition named Lust Politics which presents her work in desire, power and sex. Her pieces are still currently online at the Tyburn Gallery…


Same sex marriages in Tanzania, What’s the incentive?

25th August 2017 BY Sukoluhle Hadebe

  “..The idea of matrimony is no longer sacred“ Marriage in Africa has always been somewhat of a brow raising topic to discuss. I know for myself and others – in tune with current affairs, lacy white dresses and flowers are not the first things that come to mind. Especially in the Africa of today, marriage doesn’t necessarily mean safety…


Brown Skill Dolls: Nana Dolls Launches

18th August 2017 BY checkoutafrica

Nana Dolls Our goal at Nana Dolls is to INSPIRE children to LOVE and take PRIDE in their culture and heritage in a world that makes it very hard to do so at times. Nana means King or Queen and we want our kids to understand that they are born to be leaders and to make wise decisions fit for…


Check out these AFRICAN Revolutionaries

18th August 2017 BY Musah Stamburi

Africa has been a victim of exploitation over the last century. During this period, many African states were left poverty-stricken, with low literacy rates and low rates of civilization among many other effects. However, thanks to African revolutionaries across all regions, Africa has developed and is still developing socially, economically and politically. Early revolutionaries such as Kwame Nkrumah and Thomas…


The Sp_ce: Lifestyle, Fashion and Design Concept Store

14th August 2017 BY Lerato Chiyangwa

The Sp_ce is a lifestyle, fashion and design concept store with an extension to a Turkish inspired shisha lounge that has a range of international tapas on the menu. Their boutique carries various products with a strong theme of contemporary Africa, with items ranging from clothing, beauty products, furniture, jewelry and other lifestyle items. By simply looking, you already feel…