This Ghanaian Collective is Changing The Scene

25th November 2017 BY Fatmata Kamara

The Interns Collective is made up of 6 young Ghanaian creatives who decided to come together earlier this year as a way to diversify and give more meaning to art. Two of their members have worked alongside Daily Paper for their 2017 Puma x Daily Paper collection, and after being introduced to some of their work and not knowing who…


Flashback: ‘The People VS The Rainbow Nation.’

24th November 2017 BY Nathan Africa

Just a year ago MTV South Africa aired the very controversial “The People VS The Rainbow Nation” documentary by Lebogang Rasethaba. The powerful politically rife film/documentary came out during the #FeesMustFall protests of which it is centred around. The People VS the Rainbow Nation offered impressive visuals with its cinematography and sound direction. Such impressive direction was well suited to give a…


Zimbabwe: Against all Analysis, Yet Again

22nd November 2017 BY Rutendo Chabikwa

You sit down at your computer, a cup of coffee nearby and you are scrolling through the news. Here is what you know so far: President Robert Mugabe fired Vice President, Emmerson Mnangagwa early November; late at night on the 14th of November the military announced a takeover in what they said was not a coup but looks like a…


Un-apologetically black, I am

22nd November 2017 BY Kaoutar Hrari

I often receive remarks about my personal by-default preferences such as why I love befriending people that look like me, why I love African prints, head-wraps, African music and dance, aswell as tribes culture and traditions, why my prince charming is by-default black, why I get angry each time I read books and articles about slavery, segregation and racism or…


Meet Thabiso Mbambo,An outstanding Digital Artist.

15th November 2017 BY Nathan Africa

With a compelling understanding of African cultures, Thabiso Mbambo channels his love of African cultures through digital art. He has managed to narrate his contemporary Afro-punk inspired series with an outstanding visual appeal. This is the interview with the artist himself. 1. Who are you and where are you from and currently based? I’m Thabiso, 25 years old born and…


Africom & America’s Unspoken Wars In The Motherland

3rd November 2017 BY Chinemerem Onyeukwu

With the recent deaths of 4 US military personnel in Niger, the United States and the world has been thrown into a much-needed conversation about US troop deployment around the globe, specifically in Africa. From lawmakers to the common American citizens many are wondering exactly why the United States has a military presence on the continent of Africa and what…


Feminism is an un-African Concept

31st October 2017 BY Sukoluhle Hadebe

“if you’re African, why are you a feminist?” Whenever I share my views about the lack of equality that clouds the lives of women everywhere, I’m usually met with huffs and puffs or eyes that say ‘here she goes again’. This I can dust off, I enjoy sharing my opinions with others. One thing I can’t tolerate however is ignorance,…


Nelson Makamo: A Coffee with the African Artist

24th October 2017 BY Rutendo Chabikwa

I walked into the room designated to the Gallery of African Art (GAFRA) at the 1:54 Contemporary African Art fair in London, and there they were, glorious works of charcoal that took me back to a place I knew too well – my carefree childhood. I had to meet the man behind these pieces. I later sat across Nelson Makamo…


The Normalization of problematic language used to address Afrika

21st October 2017 BY Giramata Icyeza

Often when studying the history of Afrika, colonization is a major [if not all] discourse. While colonization is, indeed, an important part of the past and present of Afrika, the language used to describe it paints a horrific picture of the Afrikan continent. It is important to ask each other questions such as what colonization “truly” is and when it…