Malik Ambar, The Ethiopian Slave Who Later Became King In India

16th December 2019 BY checkoutafrica

Malik Ambar was among the tens of thousands of men, women, and children captured in Africa and sold into slavery in the Middle East and India over nearly nine centuries.  His story is also an indication of the ability of some in the predominantly Muslim Indian Ocean world to rise far above their initial servile status. Born Chapu in 1548 in Harar Province, Ethiopia, Ambar…


Is Africa set to become the next China?

27th June 2019 BY Ivis

The 21st century belongs to China—but the 22nd will be Africa’s It is evident that the 21st century will most likely belong to China and be reffered to as the Chinese Century. But with a rapid increase in Chinese investment and African innovation, the 22nd century may see the rise of the African Century. China’s investment in Africa will create…


Bookbeak, the digital library for African stories

28th May 2019 BY Bobby

What is BookBeak? BookBeak is the first app-based platform that aggregates African short stories from published and unpublished writers and then serves those African stories to our subscriber base. The app aims to connect African writers across the continent, giving them a space for expression, whilst providing sustenance. Africans rely on mobile platforms to perform most of their technological requirements.…