18th February 2020 BY Uvie Giwewhegbe

The trouble of an appropriate snack to save one through the day is usually a moment of reflection until one lays eyes on the perfect option to make one’s heart skip a bit or wear a grin…Puff puff does that to almost everyone, especially in Nigeria. Puff puff is a Nigerian street snack made of flour, sugar, yeast, salt, eggs(optional)…


CheckOutAfrica Highlights: Best African Restaurants in London

27th June 2019 BY Ivis

Don’t you find it so weird how there are so many ethnicities within the U.K. yet there is a lack of African restaurants? No matter what city you go to you will always find an Indian, Jamaican, Chinese or Thai restaurant, however, you can only ever find African restaurants or takeaways in the big cities such as Manchester, London, and…


Chakalaka – A South African Dish

2nd March 2019 BY Sh'anesu Gutsa

“Chuck-a-laker!” Jermaine said in a deep American accent and Cherish had to stop herself from rolling her eyes at the American exchange student staring at her lunch. “It’s called “chakalaka”, Cha-car-La-Car, not Chuck a Laker!” “Oh well, I still don’t like the Lakers”, he shrugged, telling Cherish this as if this irrelevant piece of information was supposed to provoke a…


Emerge ALARA – An Award For Young African Creative.

20th July 2018 BY checkoutafrica

ALARA is committed to the discovery, support, growth, and exposure of young creatives in Africa and its diaspora through the Emerge ALARA platform. With a focus on Design, Art, Fashion, and Cuisine, Emerge ALARA aims to select the most promising talent in each discipline. The platform also recognizes the cohort of talent currently at ALÁRA through its fellowship program. Emerge…


Chipsi Mayai – a Tanzanian Dish

30th May 2018 BY Sh'anesu Gutsa

She had never seen anything like it before. Not that it looked alien or unusual, but she’d just never seen chips in an omelette in her entire existence. Fascinated, she asked the short and stout restaurant manager if she could come to the kitchen to watch the cook preparing the chip omelette. “It’s called ‘Chipsi mayai,’” the manager said, adding…


Maguru : A Traditional Zimbabwean Cuisine

8th May 2018 BY checkoutafrica

Chenai grabbed the white bowl in which she’d been defrosting maguru and placed it on the kitchen counter. It was only 1PM, but she wanted to prepare them early so that by the time her daughter came back from school, the offensive smell would have been washed off before cooking, and the meat well cooked. She was such a fussy…


Nana’s Gourmet Kitchen; Forerunner For Catering and Cakes In Zimbabwe

11th December 2017 BY Lerato Chiyangwa

Rumbidzai Natasha Kuipa who is popularly known by the moniker Nana is a 23-year-old girl based in Harare, Zimbabwe. She started the journey of Nana’s Gourmet Kitchen (NGK) in 2013 by hosting small dinner parties and lunch dates for her family and friends. During that period, that’s when she realised she was passionate about being in the hospitality industry and…


Fulani People History

2nd June 2017 BY checkoutafrica

The Fula people or Fulani or Fulɓe (Fula,French,Peul, Hausa: Fulani; Portuguese: Fula, Wolof: Pël, Bambara, Fulaw) are one of the largest ethnolinguistic groups in Africa, numbering approximately 40 million people in total. They are one of the most widely dispersed and culturally diverse of the peoples of Africa. The Fulani are bound together by the common language of Fulfulde, as…


Origin Of Calabar People

14th April 2017 BY checkoutafrica

Calabar (also referred to as ‘Canaan City’) is a city in Cross River State, coastal southeastern Nigeria. The original name for Calabar was Akwa Akpa, from the Efik language[disambiguation needed] The city is watered by the Calabar and Great Kwa Rivers and creeks of the Cross River (from its inland delta). Calabar people are mainly people from the Greater Calabar…