If my perspective could revolutionise the African narrative.

20th October 2017 BY Nathan Africa

Changing Africa’s narrative has always been something I’ve noticed that we desperately need as a people. We can’t ignore our painful past. We also can’t ignore the amount of power we currently have. Throughout recent history, our worth was stripped from us. We were physically not free however today we are mentally not free either. To capture a people doesn’t…


“One Mans Dream Unlocks Many Doors.”

14th October 2017 BY Ruvimbo Togara

I recently got the opportunity to sit down and talk to an amazing young man doing big things in Australia for the Culture. I hadn’t met this individual prior to the day of this interview so I was a bit nervous. But it’s as if when I met him that fear I had in the back of my mind disappeared……


Do you speak African? Nope, Neither Do I

13th October 2017 BY Andile Hadebe

Just like many Africans, I’ve heard this question so many times. That’s why I’ve taken it upon myself to write this piece about a few languages that are close to home. In Zimbabwe where I’m from there are 16 official languages and in those, “African” is not included. My native language is Ndebele or IsiNdebele, one of the 16 languages…


Oliver Mtukudzi at Mascom Live Sessions

12th October 2017 BY Bosa Sebele

“Blessings pour as Tuku brings down the house” Source: Botswana Craft Facebook page Friday 6th October wasn’t just any other ordinary evening; many flocked to Botswana Craft to watch a groundbreaking performance by Legendary Zimbabwean Jazz Legend Oliver Mtukudzi “Tuku” alongside Botswana’s King of Kwasa, Franco. Although the rain poured down, that didn’t stop us, after all, rain is seen…


In the Footsteps of Leila Alaoui

5th October 2017 BY Kaoutar Hrari

A tribute to be paid to the late Leila Alaoui The opening of the photo-exhibition “Sur les pas de Leila Alaoui”, following in the footsteps of Leila Alaoui”, will take place this October 5th at the gallery of Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca (Morocco). This tribute is organized by the “Foundation Leila Alaoui” in cooperation with CCME (Council of the Moroccan…


Kenyan Hero: Mau Mau Field Marshall “Dedan Kimathi”

4th October 2017 BY Junior Rebel

“Who was Dedan Kimathi the man?” Most people when they hear about Kimathi they automatically go to the Mau Mau guerilla freedom fighter. You think about a rebellious individual, who is unruly and loves violence. But in this article, we try to see, who was Dedan Kimathi the man? What was his life like before the Revolution? What were his…


CheckOut These African Ethnic Groups

2nd October 2017 BY checkoutafrica

Here is a list of a few of the estimated three thousand African tribes. We have included some of the largest, most interesting, and best-known tribal groups. There is a brief description of each tribe. If a name is highlighted you may click on it for more detailed information. We will periodically be adding more information about the people of…


10 Interesting Facts About Africa

1st October 2017 BY checkoutafrica

CheckoutAfrica put together a list of 10 interesting facts about Africa. While Africa makes up about 16% of the world’s population, fully one quarter of the world’s languages are spoken only in Africa. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, with an estimated population of 125–145 million people. Egypt is the second most populous country with over 76 million…


Seven African Women Amongst 100 Women Challenge

27th September 2017 BY Kaoutar Hrari

Seven inspirational and innovative African women representing six different African countries are listed to take part in BBC 100 Women 2017 challenge; still, the number might increase. The BBC 100 Women Challenge is dedicated to female figures with prominent and inspirational influences. In fact, this challenge brings “together some of the best and brightest women in their field to work”, says Fiona Crack,…