From Lagos to London, Mr Eazi shuts down RoundHouse

25th September 2017 BY Meli

“From Lagos to London by way of Accra Mr Eazi shutdown RoundHouse in Camden for his Life is Eazi Culture Festival” Debuting his Culture Festival in the city that first embraced him, the Life is Eazi Culture was certainly an event to remember. Held at the famous RoundHouse theatre in Camden, London- the concert was packed with Afrobeat enthusiasts waiting…


Andela: Africa’s tech initiative & How it impacts African Youth

10th September 2017 BY Sukoluhle Hadebe

“Andela, Africa’s Tech Initiative connects companies with Africa’s most talented software developers” As children of the digital age, we all know that the face of technology is always evolving. Tech names like Google, Facebook and Microsoft are constantly elevating the internet – technology game. Something like 1 in three of us have Facebook accounts which we use to network, share…


MR EAZI, An Exclusive 5 Minute Interview with the Superstar

3rd September 2017 BY Meli

You have probably heard of him by now, and if not; you have certainly heard his music. MR EAZI is the uprising international superstar out of Nigeria by way of Ghana. Rising to stardom on the back of his hit singles ‘Skintight’, ‘Hollup’ and ‘Legover’; recently, the Afrobeat singer was featured as Apple Music’s ‘Up Next’ artist of the month,…


Q&A with Revolutionary Artist; Lady Skollie

27th August 2017 BY Lerato Chiyangwa

Lady Skollie in studio. Image by; Simiato Matik Laura Windvogel, who is well known by the moniker Lady Skollie caught my creative eye earlier in 2017, when while checking out online art, I came across her early 2017 art exhibition named Lust Politics which presents her work in desire, power and sex. Her pieces are still currently online at the Tyburn Gallery…


Riky Rick, 5 Minutes with the South African Rapper

18th August 2017 BY Meli

South African Rapper, Rikhado Makhado better know by his stage name Riky Rick graced CheckoutAfrica with an Instagram takeover. Here’s what we learnt from the “Sidlukotini” rapper. Q: For those who may not know. Who is Riky Rick? A: Basically, I’m a rapper, musician, producer from Johannesburg, CottonEater Worldwide. Dipping and dabbing in everything. One elbow on the left, one elbow…


Africa Sports Unified, The new goto for Sport Business

16th August 2017 BY checkoutafrica

Africa Sports Unified began when I was studying my masters in Sports Management & The Business of Football at Birkbeck University. My dissertation focused on the commercialisation of the Nigerian Professional Football League. On gathering research, it was clear there was a lack of sources commenting on the sports business principles of the African sports market such as law, competition…


Will I Ever Be African Enough???

29th June 2017 BY checkoutafrica

On a scale of 1-10 how African do you consider yourself to be? While pre-occupied with trying to rate your ‘African-ness’ allow me to present to you a scenario. Picture in your mind a muscular, tall and well-built black man, height- close to 2 meters , clothed in a colourful dashiki, nice khaki chino pants and fine brown leather sandals making…


Nomalanga Shozi, Blazing Through SA’s Media Industry

22nd June 2017 BY checkoutafrica

Of late, I’ve been solely narrating stories from Afrillennials who inspire me, inspire others, and especially those who seem as though they are from the future, with their ambitious thinking and the guts to dive deep in and bring the future back to today and from my perspective, Nomalanga Shozi a.k.a. The Flame is one of them. She is a force…



20th June 2017 BY checkoutafrica

The Karo tribe living along the borders of the Lower Omo River incorporate rich, cultural symbolism into their rituals by using ornate body art, intricate headdresses, and body scarification to express beauty and significance within their community. This lively tribe of around 2000 people is the main sedentary agriculturalist group in the Lower Omo Valley area of southern Ethiopia. Many…