I Found God in Ancestral Lands

6th November 2017 BY Bosa Sebele

African spirituality is often ingrained in us as we grow. Our ancestors ” Badimo” (Setswana), are held with great respect in certain regions of Botswana, seeing as they are said to be holders of  immense wisdom, and more often than not, those seeking answers to all of the lifes problems resorting to reaching out to the elders of their communities…


10 Luxury Hotels in Africa

1st November 2017 BY checkoutafrica

Africa is typically associated with the world’s wildest places, yet this continent is also home to some spectacular hotels that can easily be described as among the most elegant and luxurious in the world. The following luxury hotels are well-worth visiting when you want accommodations that are unrivalled in terms of beauty and services. 1. Palais Namaskar, Marrakech, Morocco Bathed…


Who Would You Rather Travel With?

22nd August 2017 BY Ruth dulac

Who Would You Rather Travel With? “The man that has no music in himself is not fit for adventures” I wrote down in my journal as I readied my mind to visit Ibadan, Nigeria. I had some friends there and they had asked to see me. It wasn’t my first time visiting the town but it was the first time…


Tanzania’s Serengeti Voted World’s Best Safari

21st December 2016 BY checkoutafrica

Serengeti National Park, the second largest safari in Tanzania and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was voted the world’s best safari destination, beating 140 entries from 63 countries around the world. The result was published in June 2015 by Safari Bookings, the largest online marketplace for African safari tours. The Netherlands-based organization collected just over 3,000 reviews, over two-thirds of…