Charity single released in honour of Johnny Clegg, a musician who crossed racial barriers in South Africa

15th April 2019 BY Bobby

Who is Johnny Clegg?

Jonny Clegg is a child of Africa, that used his talents to showcase the rich South African culture to the world. His career spans over three decades, and he sold over five million albums worldwide. He has also won a number of international awards that reflect his worldwide acclaim. Known to some as ‘Le Zulu Blanc’ his music is a crossover between Western pop and African Zulu rhythm.

This infectious blend allows him to cross racial barriers and inspire people across borders. Johnny Clegg certainly represents the fighting spirit, vision and hope for the future shared by all Africans. His bands Juluka and Savuka, born from his passions, were the result of cross-cultural and interracial collaborations. Their music made an impact worldwide. They bravely used their fame to express their discontent with their apartheid-era laws. Consequently, this made them unpopular with authority figures.


He touched a generation

Johnny Clegg inspired many artists and influenced a generation of musicians growing up in an era filled with racial tension. However, his long and eventful career is winding down, with him having performed his final ever world tour at London’s Hammersmith Apollo in 2017.

Johnny touched too many lives for him to fade into retirement without a celebration. So, a group of 50 artists that he has inspired over the course of his career have come together to pay tribute to him. The group ‘Friends of Johnny Clegg’ which includes names such as Peter Gabriel, Mike Rutherford of Mike & The Mechanics, and Dave Matthews, released a single cover of Johnny’s song ‘The Crossing’ in September 2018. In collaboration with the Click Foundation, all proceeds from the single will be donated towards the education of young South African children.

‘The Crossing’

The song is classified as the biggest South African music collaboration of all time, and is a showcase of Johnny’s message and personality. Moreover, it is representative of his ability to bring people from different walks of life together. It is representative of the African spirit.

Commenting on the single, Clegg said: “I am speechless, thank you so much. This is an amazing moment for me – to have so many of my peers acknowledge the song and its sentiments, and that they can use that to further something much bigger than all of us. Thank you.”

‘The Crossing’ is available for download on all digital platforms including Apple Music, iTunes, Google Playstore, Spotify and Deezer. All proceeds go directly to the Friends of Johnny Clegg Fund. For more information on how to support the cause, please visit [su_permalink id=”” target=”blank”]the website[/su_permalink].

Finally, checkout the video below, and support the cause!!!

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