‘CHIDO’ by Munashe, An African Folktale About Love

14th February 2020 BY Kevin Mwenye

Love is one roller coaster filled with ups and downs, joy and sadness and a lot of other dynamics which we can not dwell on because there is no formula with and when it comes to this verb. In CHIDO‘, Munashe orates his own experience with Love in one masterpiece of a song, as he flexed his rap muscles in a poetic storytelling flow that paint brushed it’s way in making a typical love folktale.

The song CHIDO is MUNASHE’s first single apart from his many other projects in front the camera. In this masterpiece produced by Tendai Mucheri, Munashe tells a story about a love triangle between himself and two other young beautiful African girls. The complication came about with him having to chase love between the two. His lyrics of a young love depict a monotonous story many have endured and know, from heartbreak and jealousy to triumph and jubilation.

The producer Tendai Mucheri and Munashe managed to collaborate in infusing rap lyrics into a catchy pop beat seamlessly telling the story about a young man’s (Munashe) pursuit of love and happiness only to find it right before his eyes while he searched everywhere else when it was right there all along. The track executive produced by MADE IN ZWE also features a catchy melodious hook from award winning John Falsetto.

The CHIDO Video is nothing short of a classic as it parallels the lyrics and core of the track. It was a collaborative project which was directed by Tavonga Gozo and features a roaster of Zimbabwe’s now generation of upcoming and award winning actors. As the majority of the video was Shot in Domboshava, Zimbabwe the visuals depict an African setting with a sense of communal Zimbabwe.

The Bottle stores, the borehole, the dress code all puzzled up a typical African Love setting which was perfectly delivered by the cast as they mimed some of the lyrics and acted out CHIDO smoothly.

Playing the characters in what has the potential to be an award winning musical short film or music video is a stellar cast of Zimbabwean actors comprising of NAMA nominated Tinaye Wayne Chiketa as Munashe, NAMA winner Tendai Chitima as Netsai, and Special Class star Melinda Shumba as Chido.

The man of the moment Actor, comedian and now artist MUNASHE is most commonly known for his comedy sketches and stories. This debut single comes as no surprise as MUNASHE has already been involved in some notable projects as a featured artist, including the MADE IN ZWE Charity Single alongside 40+ musicians and creatives worldwide.

Definitely looking forward to more creative work of this callibre from Munashe and the MADE IN ZWE camp.

Watch CHIDO Below

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