Congo’s Controversial Voting Process Results in Internet Shutdown.

3rd January 2019

The presidential race in the Democratic Republic of Congo has resulted in an internet shutdown after reports of voter suppression and allegations of corruption.

According to reports, the current government ordered the service providers to shut the internet down as the controversy of the presidential race between Felix Tshiskedi and Marin Fayulu reaches fever pitch. Downed since Monday in provinces such as Kinshasa, Goma, and Lubumbashi, according to senior advisor to President Kabila, the decision was made to shut down the internet in an effort to stop any fake results being circulated and inciting unrest amongst voters, adding that “This could lead us straight to chaos,

With reports that 1.26 million voters have been excluded from voting due to the ebola outbreak and allegations of voter intimidation by the military, the voting process in Congo has also been plagued by media censorship, as the government banned Radio France Internationale’s main correspondent – Florence Morice from covering the election after accusing the reporter of publishing fake results.

While the results of the election are scheduled to be revealed on January 6, many fear for the credibility of the outcome of the elections.

Written by Meli

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